Walk Through Demo


Confused about Entry? Read on..............

You are a couple or single female. You arrive at club which has its own car park, on the corner of Dock Lane & Cleveland Street, DY1 1TZ. You get out of your car and walk 10 feet to the smoking shelter, go through to the left and see three large black metal doors. They will be open. You walk into reception and see a door bell on the door in front of you. You press the door bell and a member of our team will come to open for you. You enter into reception, and are made welcome, asked if you are coming for an event, or just to have a relaxing evening in the main lounge area or meet people. You do not have to show ID (unless you look under 21) and you enter the cocktail lounge area. You then get a drink, sit down, chat or meet people. So far, no entry costs.

 If you then want to play, you go to the bar and purchase a £5 wristband and then you can enter The Vault main dungeon or Topcat Dungeon, both open play areas. Or ask for a private playroom (from £10) and go straight into one that is not open to others. If you go for the open play option, and THEN decide you want a private playroom, then you only pay HALF of the cost (£5).

Once here, and later a Klub Kink event starts that you didn't know about, or were not interested in, but then decide you want to attend, again if you have already paid for the open play area, you only pay HALF the event entry fee. If it is a PRIVATE EVENT and you are able to attend, then it is whatever the organiser requests for entry.

But you are welcome, to pay for nothing accept drinks, and stay all night in the cocktail bar & lounge area, just relaxing, observing and chatting.

Through the night, you may go to the bar and request membership for the club, if you have brought ID and proof of address with you.

If you are a single guy, Friday night is Couples & Single Ladies Only, and other nights may be restricted. It is always best to come as a guest of a couple.