Miss Freyja

My Private Chambers

 Miss Freyja

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Available Thursday from 11am and Saturday Evenings from 7pm.

  •  1-2-1 SESSION          30 mins -  £70             60 mins -  £120 

  • Text 07400 052905    Info Contact  missfreyja@klubkink.co.uk             

Foot & Leg Worship. Caning. Spanking, Flogging. CBT. 

Dual Mistress Sessions are always available.

Chastity & Key Holding

I have C6000 and belts and plugs and offer a chastity and keyholding service.

Please ask for details.

Full Scene Sessions

For imprisonment, Confinement, Isolation.

There are 3 prison cells, an isolation room with a pit and padded coffin, and cages within dungeons.

Standard stays are in Mistress Sessions.

You may have special solitary confinement sessions.

24, 48 or 72 hours from £300

You will be in bondage, and in each 24 hour period you will have one hour in chains and gagged, to have some exercise. You will not speak and will receive bread and water. 

Upon leaving you will be handed a certificate for completing your sentence.

See below for example, and enquire direct to me with any requirements.