Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are


Q. Why have i not heard of you?

A. We are the Topcat Dungeon from 2006. We changed venue 5 times, ending up here in our largest club premises in 2015. We are the longest running fetish club in the Midlands, and one of the longest running in the UK. We are not a gang or group or family. It is solely run as a bar & hire centre, with no fetish helpers or others involved.

Q. What has happened in the past 2 years, as you have not done much?

A. As this building was derelict, it has taken 16 months of fitting out and building work. During this period we called the club Valhalla as we did not want to use the Klub Kink name until it was ready to fully open.

Q. How did you start?

A. Back in 1998 we ran an events company and tried to open a fetish club, but found it difficult, so we opened a photographic studio instead.  We then added a dungeon set for bondage film purposes. Then local fetishists started using it, and the dungeon club grew from there.

Q. Why do i hear odd things?

A. As a large club, we have competitors who like to think they rule the world. And think that by creating fantasy stories, people are so stupid to believe them. We just say, come to the club and see for yourself.

Q. Why do i not see many people listed as attending your events on Fetlife?

A. We run very few events, it is more so the club open for people to come in and use our facilities or meet socially, and as most of them are hedonists & couples, they do not belong to fetlife, and have no access to listing on our events.

What we are


Q. What exactly are you?

A. We are a hedonistic club, for those that like dungeon play, exhibitionism, erotic and exciting alternative fun; or for those that just like being naked in public without others judging them.

Q. Are there other clubs like you?

A. As a  club with 9 dungeons, 2 licensed cocktail bars, 7 playrooms, sauna and glory holes, we are one of a handful in the UK. But no doubt others will open up. 

Q. Can anyone enter you club?

A. Yes, it is free to enter, and no membership is required, although you can take out a free membership if you wish to.

Q. Is it a swingers club, or are swingers welcome?

A. We do not label people. Anyone with a hedonistic and pleasure seeking personality may enter our club.

Q. Can i help with an event or run an event?

A. Yes you can host  a play or entertainment event if you are experienced and promote it. You take the door income for the event. Or you can assist us in running one of our events.

Why we are


Q. Why do you do this?

A. It is fun, and you cannot take life too seriously

Q. What is different?

A. We are hedonists and not hardcore BDSM players. We have seen mentoring that is a cover for grooming. And protecting that is a cover for controlling. And all other sorts of so called fetish management. We want no part of it, and are here for everyone to enjoy themselves.