Entry Costs & Rules

Membership & Entry Costs

Entry to Klub Kink is Free.

Entry to the two main open play dungeons is £5

Hen and stag parties text 07400 052905

Hire for private play, photoshoots or for club or group use see Hire

Entry is to the Main Cocktail Bar & Klub Kink Lounge

Playrooms within Klub Kink, Scarlets Suite & Topcat Dungeon are available most days for private hire from £10.

Scarlets Suite on the first floor is a Hire Suite and used for private events. Check the google diary on home page for details of events and entry costs if you wish to attend.


You can obtain your membership on arrival at club, just one piece of ID is required with your name and address showing.

Membership is free 

Members may enter the club anytime, if after 10.30pm just text to let the door staff know you are coming late.

Thursday nights, if we have no events on, we may close early, so please try to be in club by  9pm Thursday.

You do not need to be a member to enter the 

MONDAY Available Private Hire 10.00 to 23.00 

TUESDAY       Available Private Hire 10.00 to 23.00

WEDNESDAY Available Private Hire 10.00 to 23.00 

THURSDAY  16.00  to  24.00

Open for couples, single females, members and their guests.

FRIDAY  16.00  to  0200

Open for couples and single females ONLY

(If single males are booked into Friday Events, they will be allowed entry)

SATURDAY  13.00  to  03.00

Open to couples, single ladies, members and limited numbers of single men.

SUNDAY  15.00  to  21.00

Open to couples, single ladies, members and limited numbers of single men.

Please enter the bars on the evening by 10.30pm as gates may close afterwards to avoid overcrowding.

Friday is Couples & Single Ladies Day.

All other days guys may enter daytime, and after 8pm is subject to event details or control of numbers allowed entry.

Friday & Saturday nights are party and event nights

Dress Code smart casual. Collar and shoes, no trainers or track suits or tatty jeans or workwear.

Entry cost to events is as listed on the events diary

Membership to KlubKink 

It has advantages of entry to events and certain private parties for members only.

To obtain membership, bring a passport or licence and a proof of address with you.

Single male memberships may be restricted at times to balance numbers.




By entering the main bar area you agree that you have read, fully understand and accepted the following: 

Only get involved in BDSM/Kink scenes if you are aware, knowledgeable and capable of safe play.


The management & operators will accept no responsibility for any loss, injury, damage or harm that may occur due to the nature of the play and activities at a lifestyle club. This also extends to the outdoor areas and car park of the premises. 


As we are near a leisure centre with children in the area, please use every day dress code when arriving. If you wish to wear event dress or fetish wear please change once inside the premises. Again, when exiting for any reason, please wear everyday attire. When smoking or chatting or leaving, please be aware of local residents and keep noise to a minimum.


All entrants to the club must be 18 or over, and I.D. will be required for your first visit. You may then take out a membership if approved, or stay on our files as a temporary guest (up to 10 visits). No drugs, drunkenness or bad behavior will be tolerated. All entrants must be aware of what is happening and what is expected of them. There must be no physical abuse, verbal battering or non-mutually acceptable play. The management reserves the right to refuse entry or remove membership for any individual or group abusing these rules.


Give other players their personal space, and if you want to be involved with a scene, either ask or wait to be invited. Club staff & slaves can guide newcomers around the premises and introduce them to various play scenarios, ask a member of staff if required. If you are feeling lost or clueless, talk to us and we will give you the information you need to make an informed choice. Do not sit casually on the play equipment; others will want to use it, also do not place your bags or toys on the equipment as tables are there for you to use. No alcohol in the dungeon areas and keep your voices down. Please pay attention to any requests from the club staff. Watersports, blood and scat play are forbidden. No sexual acts or contact play within the main play areas, bar or chill rooms (this includes any form of penetration, strap-on, dildos etc except in the confines of a specific event), we have private dungeon, hire rooms & Scarlet's Suite which are available for mutual play.

If in doubt ask a member of staff which rules correspond to the room activity. No asphyxiation, gagging, restrictions, fisting, forced role-play, bruising, heavy skin marking (light red spank/impact marks are acceptable), inhalers, unsupported suspension, hair pulling, face slapping, skin pulling in public areas. When hiring a private room you are in full control of what happens, and we take no responsibility for injury caused by hard play.

Dress Code

No total nudity in main bar & lounge areas, except for specific events or after 23.00 hours. When arriving, please dress vanilla and change inside the premises. Any fetish wear that is inappropriate may result in the individual being refused entry or being asked to leave. We do not allow baby or nappy wear within the bar and chill areas. The reception, bar and chill areas have to be treated just like any normal bar; so dress and behave appropriately, and keep play and activities to the dedicated areas.


No members of the press are allowed in unless invited in writing by the club owners, and no disclosure must be made of club activities, including social media, published material or articles where club or members details are used without written consent from the club owners. Such breaches are subject to a claim of up to £250,000 against the person or business so doing. We do not allow people visiting the club (members or guests) to take photographs unless approval is given by everybody involved.


Wipes and antiseptic sprays are provided by the management to be used after play for equipment, you are expected to respect our facilities and we ask that you leave a room as you find it. All waste must go into bins provided for health and safety & infection control. Sexual health products are available in reception, and for certain events, free products are available.

Drinks & Food

We have a licensed bar and a full food menu selection from our professional kitchen, therefore no food or drink is allowed to be brought into the premises, unless you have made a party night booking for Scarlet's suite where you may bring your own buffet or alternatively let us do the hard work as we can provide a full buffet service. Do not throw food scraps or liquids into the waste bins, use a separate bin (which will be provided) to avoid cross contamination of waste.


A STRICT no picture policy is operated. No video phones, cameras or image capture devices allowed in public areas, and only in private areas with prior approval from everyone involved. As we are professional togs as well - if anyone is taking photos - we are! We can offer professional photoshoots and also allow outside photographers/videographers for hire our facilities.


A designated area is available for needle and pin play, and must be cleaned thoroughly after session and hazardous materials disposed of in the sharps bucket.


You must not use the KlubKink for promoting your own events or leafleting etc. Also no selling of products or services.  If you wish to start your own event night at Klubkink, contact us and we will be able to offer you a choice of available dates.

Sexual Acts

We do not promote fetish club nights as sexual events, certain nights are not for genital nudity or penetration. We do have chill and private rooms, and hedonistic events and private parties do allow more open play, but if you are at a BDSM or Fetish night then act accordingly.